Flagler Long Term Recovery

Mission Statement



Mission Statement:


Flagler Long Term Recovery is a coalition of allied agencies partnered with faith-based organizations and each other, which promotes networking to prepare Flagler County’s communities for the effects of disaster, and its aftermath, facilities long term practical aid.  Uniting to minimize duplication of services and utilizing resources and services to most effectively serve Flagler County.




v     To determine the needs of survivors of a community related disaster thorough response case management.


v     To find human and other resources in the community to meet those needs.


v     To maintain an organization for declared disaster relief readiness.


v     To share the information of preparedness and response.




v     Network with existing agencies/interfaith before, during and after a disaster


v     Provide and promote disaster training for agencies, groups, clubs, organizations and faith based entities,


v     Develop funding sources for administration and aid activity before, during and after disasters.


v     Assist in developing and mentoring agencies/interfaith in the aftermath of disaster.


v     Consult and collaborate with allied agencies.


v     Identify fiscal, material and human resources.


v     Facilitate provision of appropriated short and long-term activity.