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Disaster Supply Kit


Suggested Foods


All food should be sealed or pull tab type, and not requiring water.  Most foods of this type can be eaten without heating.  Manual can opener for any cans without a pull tab top.


Small Caned Ham                                Fruit Cocktail

Baked Beans                                        Non-condensed soup

Spam                                                    Single serving non-refrigerated jello/gel/custard

Vienna sausage                                    Chewy Bars

Peanut butter                                        Cereal

Chicken, tuna, or salmon                     Single Serve soft drink mix

(In vacuum sealed pouch)                    Bottled Water

Pull tag vegetables                               Parmalt-milk

Crackers                                               Canned tomatoes


Non-Food Items


Plastic Ware                                         Paper or Styrofoam plates

Moisture wipes                                     Hand sanitizer

Toilet Paper                                          Paper Towels

Cash-without power ATM won’t work

Small bottle of bleach                           Liquid Soap

Waterproof container with lid

Blanket-can be used as pillow if rolled

First aid kit-Including medicines and prescriptions

Flashlight with extra batteries

Battery Powered radio



These are suggestions only but you should have enough for 3 days for each person that is in your family.  Remember to take care of your pets also and bring along all their food and water, a gallon a day for drinking.