In an accordion file; It is recommended that a second accordion file or a computer disc with scanned copies of all of your important papers be stored in a safe place or with a trusted family member who does not live in Florida. Files should be updated on an annual basis or as information changes.

      ___ BIRTH CERTIFICATES for each family member

      ___ Adoption/foster family documentation

      ___ Baptismal records

      ___ Social Security Cards for each family member

      ___ Passports

      ___ Death Certificates

      ___ Marriage License

      ___ Divorce Decree

      ___ Copy of Drivers licenses (original in your wallet)

      ___ Legal Documents

      ___ Will ____Court Orders, etc.

      ___ Insurance papers with account numbers and your agents business card

      ___ House ____Car ____Health _____Life

      ___ Medical Records

      ____childrens vaccination records ____travel shot records

      ___ List of your doctors and their phone numbers

      ___ Copy of all prescriptions and pharmacy phone number where on file.

(Your pharmacist should be able to print this off for you)

      ___ Copy of all credit cards (front and back) and phone number of each company

      ___ Bank information account numbers for checking, savings and CDs

Address and phone number (including 800 number) of bank.

      ___ Prepaid accounts/account numbers, addresses and phone numbers

      ___ College ___Burial

      ___ Titles/Deeds

      ___ House ___Cars ____other property

      ___ Tax return for previous year

      ___ Diplomas

      ___ PHOTOS

      ____House, outside shots, inside shots featuring personal items such as T televisions, furniture and electronic equipment

      ____Personal photos of special events, weddings, births, graduation, etc

         Copies of photos can also be stored on CDs

      ___ Recent color photo (front head angle) of each family member with name and age on back in the event you are separated.

      ___ Pet Information

      ___Vaccine records (tags will not be enough proof)

      ___Copy of all prescriptions

      ___ Veterinarians name and number

      ___ List of Hotel phone numbers that allow pets. Some hotels will relax

no pet policies during disasters.

      ___Address book with phone numbers, addresses and emails of family

and friends.

      ___Out of area contact. Each person, including children, should have the

phone number of a designated contact outside of the area.